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page2_img1Located in the Northwest corner of the State of Georgia sits Chattooga County.

Chattooga lies north of the city of Rome and Floyd County and south of Walker County. Though Chattooga is occupied by the hills and valleys of Northwest Georgia's hilly terrain, the county is able to reach leading cultural, political, and economic centers throughout the Southeast.

Chattooga County is a short forty-five minute drive to Chattanooga, Tennessee, one of the South's most important economic centers. Chattanooga has access to navigable rivers in the form of the Tennessee River, and also has airfield access by way of Chattanooga's Lovell Field. Chattooga County is surrounded to the east and west by Interstate 75 & Interstate 59 with prime highway & rail infrastructure internally.

Approximately a two hour trip east, Birmingham is one of Alabama's most important cultural, education, and economic centers. Birmingham's Shuttlesworth International Airport, the largest airfield in the state, also provides leading corporate and commercial flight access.

Less than a two hour drive south, Atlanta, Georgia stands as the epicenter of education, athletics, transportation, and commerce in the Southeastern United States. With cultural venues second-to-none in the South, and an endless array of athletic and educational opportunities, Atlanta is the go-to place for a variety of important fields. Atlanta is also home to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the world's largest airport. Handling over 700,000 tons of goods and millions upon millions of passengers each year, Hartsfield-Jackson makes Atlanta the hub of the East Coast.

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Networking opportunities via dozens of active events each year designed to help build your business, garner new clients and find out what’s happening in your community. Join your chamber member partners and watch your business grow.


Business Exposure is one of the top reasons members say they find value in their chamber investment. There’s no shortage of opportunities for maximum exposure as part of the chamber.


Seminars designed just for you - Want to learn how to market your business? What’s happening in Washington that impacts your business or how to maximize your social media? The chamber offers a number of seminars and programs designed to help you be successful.

did you know?

Chattooga is a Tier 1 county

As one of Georgia’s “Tier 1” tax credit counties, Chattooga County offers the highest tax incentives in the state. If your business can create five jobs that are sustained over a ten year period, you are eligible for a $4000 tax credit and support from the Joint Development Authority. More information regarding lucrative tax incentives and exemptions can be found at

Chattooga has a solid infrastructure

Georgia is home to some of the nation’s best air, rail, road, port and intermodal construction. Chattooga County, GA has access to all possible means to get you or your product wherever it needs to go in this country or beyond. State, local, and private partnerships are providing continuous improvements of infrastructure in communities throughout the Northwest Georgia region and beyond. When necessary, these partnerships alongside state-level authorities can improve or extend public infrastructure such as roads, sewer, and water through numerous grant or loan programs.

Chattooga is a great place to do business

According to CNBC, Georgia is ranked 1st in the nation when it comes to a successful business climate. Truly, Georgia offers a favorable business climate, with competitive wages, taxes, incentives, and programs. Chattooga County’s business climate is second-to-none in Northwest Georgia. With a strong and vibrant manufacturing history with Mount Vernon Mills, Mohawk Industries, and other businesses, Chattooga County has proven results in all aspects of business growth. Partner that success with a ready and highly-skilled workforce and low costs and taxes, and we have a formula capable of major success for your company.