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Office of Sole Commissioner

Jason Winters, Commissioner

Mission of Chattooga County Government.

Chattooga County Government is dedicated to providing timely, efficient, courteous and professional services to all citizens of Chattooga County. We will make decisions that promote the best interests of the greater community, and develop the resources, policies, plans and procedures to effectively address public needs. We will pursue and support those programs and projects that best uphold the priorities of Chattooga County.



2018 Tax Digest and 5 Year History


2017 History of  Tax Levy

2017 Notice of Property Tax Increase

2017 Holiday Schedule






What is a County Commissioner?

A County Commission is a group of elected officials who are in charge of county government. While most counties operate under a commission form, Chattooga County operates under a Sole Commissioner. The Sole Commissioner is the chief legislative and executive government officer in the county. There are only eight counties in the country with a sole county commission. Most counties with sole commissioners tend to be rural like Chattooga. The Commissioner’s office handles roads and revenue, and is available to answer citizen’s concerns on a host of county government issues. Though the Commissioner is not chief officer of all other local governmental offices, he can direct you to other local and state offices or agencies. The Commissioner works in close collaboration with other governmental agencies and community groups to ensure a safe and prosperous county.

Meet your Sole Commissioner

Chattooga County’s Commissioner is Jason Winters. Winters, a local businessman, was elected to serve as Chattooga County’s Sole Commissioner in 2008. He defeated all challengers in a crowded primary election and went on to defeat the Republican nominee in the general election. Winters is successor to one-term incumbent Mike Dawson as Sole Commissioner.
Winters, one of the state’s youngest county commissioners, serves as the chief legislative and executive voice in Chattooga County government. His job includes addressing citizen’s concerns, working with economic development, and representing the county, among a host of other duties. Commissioner Winters is committed to an open and accessible county government. As with any democratic system, public interest, debate, and input are important aspect of Winters’ administration. Commissioner Winters holds public interest meetings throughout the month. Commissioner Winters and his office staff are here for you. Please feel free to call or visit the Commissioner at his office located on Commerce Street in downtown Summerville.

County Clerk

County Clerk Martha Tucker acts as clerk to Commissioner Winters. She maintains all records and documents, receives and disburses funds, and supervises other office workers. She also balances books, compiles reports to show such information as cash receipts and expenditures and other office work.

Martha Tucker has worked for the county since 1990, and has been County Clerk of Chattooga County for over twelve years. She has served under three County Commissioners. She has worked under Commissioners Parker, Dawson, and, currently, Winters.

Human Resources Division

Chattooga County’s Human Resources division is responsible for administering and interpreting the county’s human resource functions. Arliss Scruggs is responsible for this post. She administers active employee and retiree benefits, personnel classification and management, personnel records management and compliance with state and federal laws with respect to health and safety standards, civil rights, work ethics, and other issues. Mrs. Scruggs’ office is located within the County Commissioner’s Office on Commerce Street.

Accounts Payable Division

The Accounts Payable division of the Chattooga County Commissioner’s Office is headed by Sharon Martin. Ms. Martin receives and reconciles all invoices for all county offices and reconciles bank statements for the county. Ms. Martin also works as a receptionist in the Commissioner’s Office. She answers telephones and directs calls to appropriate departments and staff members. She also can help with any inquiries that citizens may have about the Commissioner’s Office.



Contact info

Chattooga County Sole Commissioner
10102 Commerce Street
Post Office Box 211
Summerville, GA  30747

Office Hours:
M-F 8:30-5:00 excluding holidays