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Trion Police Department


chief of policeChief Jason Kellett

I’m proud to be a member and representative of the Town of Trion and the Trion Police department. Of our many goals some of the most important are customer service, safety of the citizens, and positive community policing. As a daily practice, I work to ensure we have the best tools and training possible for us to get the job done. At the town of Trion we have a supportive City Council and Mayor who share the vision of keeping a safe and beautiful town. This has always been achieved by our great citizens in the town who have a vested interest in the wonderful community in which they live.

Included in this community are the officers who are employed with the Trion Police Department. All of the staff have gone to school, worked, or lived in Trion for many years. This creates a great working relationship with the very people in which we serve. I would like to encourage all citizens, both living in and visiting Trion, to get to know us and visit us anytime. One of our greatest assets, the top tier, are the Patrol officers who work our town to make sure it’s as safe and secure as possible. I am truly blessed to be amongst such great Americans.

In closing, I would like to again state what an honor and privilege it is to be not just the Chief of Police, but a Chief Servant to the people in my community. I also take great pride in the officers who commit to putting their personal safety at risk every day to make our community the best it can be. I encourage everyone to let me know how I can better serve this great town.


Misson Statement

The mission of the Trion Police Department is to provide a safe environment for the citizens of the Town of Trion with professional police service and through positive interaction with its citizens.



Contact info

Trion Police Department
1220 Pine Street Trion, Georgia 30753
Telephone: 706-734-3665