Public Administrative Meeting Information

Chattooga County Administrative Sessions

The Chattooga County Government warmly welcomes all members of the community to participate in our newly implemented public session initiative. These meetings provide an exceptional opportunity for open and inclusive dialogue between the county's citizens and the municipality's administrative officials.

During these sessions, department heads from various sectors such as Public Works, Water District, Code Enforcement, EMA 911, and the Clerk's office, along with the Commissioner. Each department will present comprehensive reports and expertly address any questions or concerns raised by members of the public.

We firmly believe that active participation by community members in the democratic process is vital to building a strong and prosperous future for all residents of Chattooga County. That is why we strongly encourage everyone to stay informed by regularly checking for public notices and announcements regarding these meetings. By doing so, you can play an active role in shaping the future of our county.

We are confident that this initiative will foster collaboration and understanding between the citizens and the administrative officials of our municipality and help us to achieve our goal of increasing transparency and accountability within our county government. We look forward to welcoming you to our next public session and engaging in a productive dialogue with you.

Video Recordings of the Meetings

1/23/23 - First Meeting (Recorded on Zoom, please use Passcode to view)

Passcode: 3.T2sF%n