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Chattooga County Health Department

The Chattooga County Health Department serves the medical and health needs of the entire population of the county. With a commitment to servicing all patients, regardless of race, age, religion, national origin, political beliefs, disability or sex, the Health Department is a valuable resource for the people of Chattooga County. With low fees for most services, adjusted fee scales based on ability to pay, and government programs including Medicare and Medicaid, the center provides exceptional services at minimal prices. The center provides services by appointment. The center also provides scheduled appointments for each Thursday beginning at 4:00PM for clients whose work schedule prevents them from being seen during regular clinic hours.
Contact Information
Chattooga County Health Department
60 Farrar Drive Post Office Box 203 Summerville, GA  30747
Phone: 706-857-3471 Fax: 706-857-6941
Office Hours: M-W 7:30AM-5:00PM, Th 8:00AM-6:30PM, F 8:00AM-2:00PM...
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Chattooga County Transit System

In an attempt to provide the citizens of Chattooga County with a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly transportation program, the Chattooga County Transit System is a valuable service. The system, dispatched from the Public Works Department, provides four transit buses for a variety of transportation needs. One bus does a continuous route from senior citizen housing areas and other residential neighborhoods to local supermarkets and stores, while another is available for call-in for doctor’s appointments, healthcare trips, and other services. One bus also does trips to and from Rome for citizens who need to get dialysis treatments or see doctors in Floyd County. Rates for these services are $2.00 for one-way trips in the county and $10.00 roundtrip for service to Rome.  

Contact info

Chattooga County Transit System Stockade Road Summerville, GA 30747 Telephone: 706-857-0736  

More Information

For more information regarding our transit system, including scheduled routes, fees, and other details, please contact the Commissioner's Office at 706-857-0700 or Public Works Director Joe Reed at 706-857-0736. ...
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United States Congress

The United States Congress was established by the US Constitution as the legislative branch of national government. Congress consists of two chambers, the House of Representatives and the Senate. The members of this branch craft legislation that must be passed by both houses before being sent to the President for signature. Upon receiving the President’s signature, the legislation becomes federal law.

The lower house, known as the House of Representatives, consists of 435 members. These members, styled as“Congressmen”, “Congresswomen”, or “Representatives”, represent districts from across the nation’s fifty states. State delegations are sized using population totals to create proportional delegations, thus larger states, like California with its fifty-three representatives, have more representation than smaller states, like Alaska with its one representative. The House of Representatives also has six delegates/resident commissioner that are non-voting members. These members represent territories like Guam, Puerto Rico, and American Samoa, and non-state areas like the District of Columbia. The House of Representatives is currently controlled by the Republican Party. The GOP holds 241 of the chamber’s 435 voting seats. Democrats, in the minority for the first time in two Congresses, hold 193 seats. Speaker John Boehner of Ohio (R) is the highest ranking official in the House. As Speaker, Boehner is third in line behind President Obama and Vice President Biden in the line of presidential succession. The United States Senate is the upper-house of the US Congress. With only 100 members, the Senate is a smaller body than the House of Representatives. Each state is guaranteed two US Senators regardless of population totals. Therefore, large states like New York and small states like Hawaii have equal representation.  The Senate is ceremonially presided over by Vice President Joseph R. Biden (D-Delaware). Currently, the US Senate is held by the Democratic Party. 51 Senators are Democrats, 47 are Republicans, and two are independents. The two independents caucus with the Democrats giving them a 53-seat caucus. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is the current Senate Majority Leader. The State of Georgia has a fifteen member delegation to Congress. Thirteen Georgians are eligible to serve in the House delegation. Currently, eight Republicans and five Democrats represent Georgia in the House. Georgia's two US Senators are Republicans. For more information about our specific delegation, please see the links on the left of the screen....
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Chattooga County Civic Center

The Chattooga County Civic Center is operated by the Commissioner’s Office. The center, located on Highway 48, is close to downtown Summerville. The center is available for rent for parties, reunions, political meetings, dinners, religious gatherings, community forums, town hall meetings, and a host of other activities.
In order to rent the Civic Center, please contact the Chattooga County Commissioner’s Office. RATES: Deposit-$100.00-Returned after all keys are returned to Commissioner’s Office. A checklist of items to be completed after use will be provided by Commissioner's Office.  Failure to complete checklist may result in forfeiture of deposit. Rent-$50 (for four hours), $100 (over 4 hours)  
Contact Information
Civic Center
44 Highway 48 Summerville, GA  30747
Phone: 706-857-0700 Fax: 706-857-0742
Office Hours: M-F 8:30-5:00
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