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Quality of Life

The perfect location. Scenic valleys. Nice people. Festivals celebrating our rich heritage. Chattooga County, GA offers a quality of life second-to-none. Chattooga County and Northwest Georgia offer a variety of cultural, historical, sporting, and musical events. When living in Chattooga County, you are only a short drive away from the best that Georgia and the Southeast has to offer.

Housing and Living

Chattooga County offers you the option to live in residential neighborhoods, country estates, and mountain cabins at incredibly affordable prices. In fact, the average median housing cost in Chattooga County is $59,900. This unbelievably low price, particularly for Northwest Georgia, is lower than prices in the nearby counties of Dade, Walker, Floyd, Gordon, and Catoosa. Housing options range from modern homes in planned subdivisions to beautiful estates that occupy the hills and valleys of Chattooga County. In the Cloudland community, one can enjoy living on the brow of the mountain that overlooks the Chattooga Valley. Distinct mill homes built by Mount Vernon Mills in Trion offer a historic housing option. Farms and country homes are available in Lyerly, Menlo, Summerville, and throughout the unincorporated communities of Holland, Teloga, and other areas. If apartment living suits your residential style, these options are also readily available. These housing options, partnered with the area’s scenic beauty and mild weather year-around present opportunity for you and your family to enjoy outdoor activities during all seasons.

Cost of Living

Georgia’s lower cost of living is just one of the many reasons moving to our state makes sense for your company. The state that is or has been home to famous men and women like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner, Margaret Mitchell, and countless other Georgians opens its doors to your company, your leaders and your families. Chattooga County, the home of famous folk artist Howard Finster and world-renowned attorney Bobby Lee Cook, does the same. Georgia’s cost of living is below the national average and competitive with all states in the Southeast. Chattooga County’s cost of living is below state averages and provides your company with a great place to locate and do business.Low cost of living, just another way Chattooga County has the winning formula.

Education/HOPE Scholarship Program

A well-educated and trained workforce is key and an essential element to a successful business. The State of Georgia offers a variety of resources to ensure that our workforce is ready to meet every need of your company. Georgia’ intricate network of colleges and universities include some of the top public and private schools in the nation. Georgia Tech, US News and World Report’s 7th ranked public university, is a leader in engineering and science, while the University of Georgia, US News’ 20th ranked public university, is releasing some of the top research in the country. The graduate programs at a variety of Georgia schools, including those at 18th ranked Emory University, are ranked as some of the best in the nation. Georgia’s community college network is committed to continuing education for non-traditional students, and helping companies prepare and train their workers. With the support of the state government, Georgia’s institutions of higher learning are prepared to lead the way in educational instruction and research. One of the best education programs in the United States, Georgia’s “Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally” scholarship, or HOPE scholarship, is the prize of education in the state. The program, funded through the Georgia Lottery, provides scholarships for Georgia’s brightest students. These scholarships cover tuition and some fees at state public schools while providing grants and help to students at private schools in Georgia. Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship program is the envy of many states in the union. Since the scholarship’s inception under Governor Zell Miller (D-Young Harris) in 1993, over 900,000 Georgia students have been awarded over $3 billion in scholarship monies. This breakthrough scholarship program shows Georgia’s commitment to improving the lives of its citizens through education. This program would be available to the children of your workers and company leaders. Truly, Georgia education has the winning formula.

Recreation, Culture, and Music

Chattooga County’s natural beauty is the just the start to a wonderful vacation/business move in the nation’s fourth state. Chattooga County is known for its lively atmosphere, including countless arts and crafts shows, community activities, and organized recreation for the citizens and visitors of Chattooga County. Various local organizations collaborate the create projects and festivals throughout the year. A natural beauty, the county also is home to beautiful parks, valleys, ridges and landscapes. Regardless of season, there is always something to do in Chattooga County. Chattooga County is home to James H. “Sloppy” Floyd State Park. The park is nestled in theChattahoochee National Forest. “Sloppy” Floyd Park is home to two fully-stocked fishing lakes, paddleboats, cabin rentals, hiking trails, and a camping area. Outside of the state park, Chattooga County is a sportsman’s paradise with ample fishing, hunting, boating, and hiking opportunities. If golf is on the itinerary, the Trion Golf Club in north Chattooga County is available as a public course. Nearby Rome is home to many golf courses. North Georgia is literally covered in world class golfing opportunities. In fact, it takes less than a half-day’s drive to travel to Augusta, home to the famous Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Golf Tournament. If you are looking for a cultural excursion, Chattooga County offers world-class entertainment. Local theatre is available for the play enthusiast with Rome Little Theatre in Rome and plays in nearby Chattanooga, Tennessee. Atlanta provides the theatre community with the world-known Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theatre and the Tony-Award winning Alliance Theatre, birthplace of countless musicals. For cultural programs with a distinct Georgia flair, check out Chattooga County’s “Sum-Nelly” arts and crafts festival, Summerville’s “Down Home Farm Days”, “Steam into Summerville Railroad Days”, and other county programs. These programs provide citizens and visitors alike the opportunity to learn about our region’s history while enjoying the feel of Georgia’s countryside. Chattooga County is also home to the Northwest Georgia Balloon Festival in Menlo, and Summerville is a registered “Pickin’ in the Park” bluegrass music community. Chattooga County and neighboring communities are also committed to sharing the history of the Cherokee culture with countless festivals and programs. In fact, Chattooga County is widely thought to be birthplace of George Gist, otherwise known as Sequoyah, the creator of the Cherokee alphabet. Rome is home to the respected Chieftain’s Museum, while Cartersville is home to the Etowah Indian Mounds. Nearby Gordon County is home to New Echota, the Cherokee Nation’s capitol city before Indian Removal. The State of Georgia is also one of the nation’s leading states in sporting events. Chattooga County is home to year-round sporting events for all ages. High school sports take center stage throughout the year as a venue for the community’s children to grow and compete. Colleges and universities across Georgia compete in all levels of collegiate competition from NAIA to NCAA. Another major victory for Northwest Georgia came in 2009 as Rome was selected to host the NAIA national football championship.  Nearby Rome is also home to the Atlanta Braves’ Organization’s Class A affiliate Rome Braves minor league baseball team, while nearby Chattanooga is home to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Class AA affiliate Chattanooga Lookouts minor league team. All major league sports can be found a short drive to Atlanta. Atlanta is home to the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball (MLB) team, Atlanta Falcons National Football League (NFL) team, Atlanta Hawks National Basketball Association (NBA) team, Atlanta Dream Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) team, and the Atlanta Thrashers National Hockey League (NHL) team. As you can see, Georgia is the epicenter of sports in the Southeast. Chattooga County is also the center of folk art in the state. Howard Finster, widely considered by some leading art critics as the father of folk art, lived in Chattooga County. His “Paradise Gardens” museum, located in the Pennville community north of Summerville, is being renovated and prepared for public viewing. The folk art tradition can also be found at various festivals throughout the year. So whether you are looking to enjoy “America’s pastime” at the local baseball field or hiking in the beautiful mountains in the Chattahoochee National Forest, Chattooga County is prepared to host your active lifestyle. Come sit a spell with us, we promise you will not be disappointed.
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Growing Workforce Chattooga County has a skilled, highly-productive workforce that is largely non-union. The workforce of Chattooga County has only been increasing during the past quarter century while becoming competitive, responsive, and diverse. According to the Georgia Department of Labor, Chattooga County is the perfect place to start growing your business. Workers in the county have backgrounds in a variety of industries, including textiles, chemical manufacturing, medal manufacturing, and a variety of other trades. The State of Georgia also re-invests in its workers through extensive training programs in partnership with new and existing business and industry. In short, the workers of Chattooga County are ready to help your business achieve new levels of success. Chattooga County workers know what it takes to succeed in today’s market. When it comes to the workforce, we have the winning formula.
Training-Community Colleges, Programs, and Support Georgia has earned national acclaim for the low- to no-cost resources it provides to help companies maintain a strong, competitive workforce.
            Administered by the Technical College System of Georgia (formerly Georgia Department of Technical and Adult Education - GDTAE), Georgia’s nationally recognized Quick Start program provides flexible, customized training through a network of technical colleges and universities. Since 1967, more than 5,600 companies and 706,000 Georgia workers have benefited from this no-cost program.
            For the more than 280,000 students enrolled and 40,000 faculty teaching in the state’s public colleges and universities, Georgia provides the Intellectual Capital Partnership Program (ICAPP). A University System of Georgia program, ICAPP unites the intellectual resources of the state’s educational community with the state’s business sector.
            For your specific industry needs, there’s the Service Industry Academy, Certified Economic Developer Training program, the Georgia Business Expansion Support Act, and other certified-specialist programs to address a number of job categories.
With Georgia’s workforce programs come important tax credits and incentives to encourage workforce development through growth, enrichment, training or retraining. Together, these innovative programs help you build the valuable workforce you need to ensure success for you and your employees. For this or any other information regarding this program, please see
Workforce Investment Board           The State of Georgia, in an attempt to provide unparalleled support to Georgia’s workers, founded the Georgia Workforce Investment Board. The Board, under the Georgia Department of Labor,  is comprised of individuals representing business, organized labor, migrant farm workers, state legislators, youth and community based organizations, education, county and city elected officials, and state agency heads. State Labor Commissioner Michael L. Thurmond’s unwavering advocacy for Georgia workers is only strengthened through this program. Members of the Board serve in an advisory capacity to the Governor’s Office, and assist in: preparing the state workforce development plan; designation local workforce investment areas; developing allocation formulas, developing a performance plan with performance measures; developing a system for continuous improvement, preparing the annual report, and developing the statewide employment statistics system. The Board’s mission is to bring business, labor, education and the public sector together to develop strategies and support efforts to best meet the needs of the state’s workforce and employers, thereby enhancing Georgia’s competitiveness in the global economy. (see the Georgia Department of Labor’s website for more details.)
Workforce Quality With a civilian labor force of over 2.02 million people, Georgia offers some of the most dedicated and productive workers in the nation. Chattooga County is equipped with a large workforce of over 11,000 workers (approximately 25,000 people live in Chattooga).Currently over 13% of the workforce is looking for work.  Our highly-motivated workforce responds readily to companies’ needs for a quick start. In a region where labor costs are competitive, Chattooga County offers your company a workforce prepared to serve market demands.
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Transportation Assets Advantage

They call it the “Empire State of the South” for a reason. Look at a map. Centrally located in the Southeastern United States and positioned on the Atlantic Coast stands the State of Georgia. With excellent access to all of the top national and international markets by water, rail, road, and air, Georgia is prepared to help move raw materials in and finished products out to the first-class markets in the world. Chattooga County understands the importance of solid rail, road, water, and air travel. Chattooga County’s access to interstates, the world’s best airports, navigable rivers, and the Atlantic Ocean make it the perfect place to start your business. Need a place that is connected to the entire Southeast? Need a place that can get your goods from point “A” to point “B”? Need a place where the last thing on your mind is finding reliable transport? Then Chattooga County is the answer your company has been looking for.
Chattooga County’s location, which is central to the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast, and Midwest, is within a day’s drive to the leading business centers on the East Coast. Can’t reach the city of your choice by road or rail? Then hop in the car for a drive to Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest and most productive airfield in the world, handling over 700,000 tons of goods and over 90 million passengers on almost one million flights last year alone. Partner that with Chattooga County’s access to Atlantic and Gulf Ports, first class rail, and top-notch roadways and we have the winning formula when it comes to transportation.
Airports Looking for one of the best airport hubs on the East Coast? North Georgia offers access to some of the country’s largest and best equipped airports. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, only a short ninety minute drive from Chattooga County, is the world’s busiest airfield. Hartsfield-Jackson has national and international service to 89 cities in 55 countries. Hartsfield-Jackson also is the world’s leading air-cargo center, handling more than 700,000 tons of goods annually. Chattooga County also is a short forty-five minute drive from Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Metropolitan Airport/Lovell Field. Birmingham’s Shuttlesworth International Airport, Alabama’s largest airfield, is less than two hours away. Regional airports include Rome’s Richard B. Russell Airport, which is a short twenty-minute drive. Russell prides itself in its superior corporate accommodation. Dalton’s Municipal Airport and Calhoun’s Tom B. David Field are also a short drive away.
Highways In Northwest Georgia, you can truly be on the road again. In fact, Georgia has some of the best roads in the Southeastern United States. Chattooga County is located conveniently near Interstate-75 and many state highways including Highway-27. Highway-27 runs directly through Summerville, Chattooga County’s seat. Georgia prides itself in the availability of high quality roads and highway access. In fact, Georgia is home to 1,200 miles of interstate highway and 20,000 miles of federal and state highways. These highways, partnered alongside Georgia’s low trucking and freight rates, make Georgia the ideal place to grow your business. Chattooga’s Northwest Georgia location only heightens its desirability for business investment when regarding highway access. Northwest Georgia not only has access to Georgia’s first-class infrastructure system, but is also convenient to both Tennessee and Alabama’s systems. With endless interstate, highway, and road possibilities, it makes perfect sense to invest in Chattooga County.
Rail             Georgia has a long railway history. Since the early 1800s, Georgia has prided itself in a rail system that rivals that of all other Southeastern states. With rail access nearby, including major railway hubs in Atlanta and Chattanooga, Tennessee, Northwest Georgia is the premier rail area of the state. Georgia’s railways allow your company to have even more shipping options. In fact, Georgia has a staggering 4,700 miles of rail.
            Chattooga County joined in the state’s varied railway history in the early 2000s. With the construction of the Chattooga County railroad turntable, Chattooga became part of Northwest Georgia’s railway tradition. So, as you can see, Chattooga County is not only limited to air and roadway access, but the state’s commitment to rail access only improves transportation options for your business.
Sea and Waterway Access Georgia’s location in the Southeast United States offers unparalleled shipping opportunities for your company. As an East Coast state, Georgia has direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, and can easily access the Gulf of Mexico and its world-class ports. Chattooga County is less than 350 miles away from Savannah, one of the oldest port cities in the United States. Savannah offers the state shipping options that reach both national and international markets. Savannah is the core of southern shipping and is supported by the Georgia Ports Authority. The Authority works to develop and maintain our ports while championing for environmentally friendly policies. The “green” commitment by the ports authority, partnered with the state’s dedication to industrial growth, will only help your company reach new levels of success while supporting sound environmental stewardship. Chattooga County is also less than an hour away from navigable river access in the form of the Tennessee River. Chattanooga, TN offers access to great shipping opportunities that reach areas across the Southeast.
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Business Climate

The Chattooga County Advantage Chattooga County offers a strong, supportive business climate, where the cost of doing business is low and many other tools are readily available to help your business grow and compete in a global market. Chattooga County offers companies substantial savings compared with many other parts of Georgia and the United States. Economic incentive programs provide tax credits, sales tax exemptions, and other incentive payments for job creation, investment, retraining, and research. State and local governments are also prepared to work with infrastructure development including water, sewer, and roads. Georgia’s government is committed to flexible state incentives including tax exemptions and creating a strong working partnership. Together, state and local governments and your company can work to lower your cost of doing business. Chattooga County, GA also offers access to Foreign Trade Zones. Georgia has foreign trade zones in the capital city of Atlanta, as well as on the Atlantic Coast at Savannah and Brunswick. Atlanta is an hour-and-a-half drive away, while Savannah and Brunswick are less than 400 miles away. Tennessee also offers a trade zone in Chattanooga, less than an hour’s drive from Chattooga County. Birmingham, Alabama, less than two hours away, also offers trade zones  including one in partnership with Alabama’s capital, Montgomery, available for your company. A right-to-work state, Georgia’s union membership is approximately five percent. The workforce of Chattooga County, specifically, has low union rates and is ready for jobs in the manufacturing sector. Evidence of Chattooga County’s work in these areas includes the success of Mohawk Industries, Mount Vernon Mills, and various other manufacturing jobs.
Advantages of doing business in Chattooga County, Georgia include:
 Tax Credits and Tax Exemptions As one of Georgia’s “Tier 1” tax credit counties, Chattooga County offers the highest tax incentives in the state. If your business can create five jobs that are sustained over a ten year period, you are eligible for a $4000 tax credit and support from the Joint Development Authority. More information regarding lucrative tax incentives and exemptions can be found at Employee Training and Support Georgia coordinates the state’s network of community and junior colleges for ongoing, highly-specialized training programs including Georgia’s “Quick Start” program. These programs are designed to meet the evolving needs of industry and business often at little or no cost to employers.Solid Infrastructure Georgia is home to some of the nation’s best air, rail, road, port and intermodal construction. Chattooga County, GA has access to all possible means to get you or your product wherever it needs to go in this country or beyond. State, local, and private partnerships are providing continuous improvements of infrastructure in communities throughout the Northwest Georgia region and beyond. When necessary, these partnerships alongside state-level authorities can improve or extend public infrastructure such as roads, sewer, and water through numerous grant or loan programs.University Resources and Research Georgia’s higher-education network is one of the best in the Southeast. In fact, Georgia has the nation’s fourth largest college network with thirty-five higher learning centers and one independent learning center. Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta is one of the best technical universities in the world and leads the education arena in the areas of engineering and science. The University of Georgia, the nation’s oldest state chartered university established in 1785, is one of the top universities in the nation with a strong liberal arts focus, graduate programs, and top-tier research in a variety of fields. Emory University in Atlanta is one of top private universities in the nation and leads the way in medical research. North Georgia College and State University continues to support Georgia’s military history, while Georgia Southern, Valdosta State University, Georgia College and State University, Georgia State University and a plethora of other colleges and universities provide unparalleled instruction and research opportunities. In nearby Rome, Shorter College and Berry College provide a strong liberal arts program of study. Rome’s Georgia Highlands College is part of Georgia’s network of community colleges. The State of Georgia’s commitment to higher education is also evident in that Georgia is home to some of the nation’s most prestigious historically African American institutions of higher learning including Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta, and Spelman College. Government Support With unrivaled support from the Governor’s office, Georgia’s state and local-level partners are working around the clock to improve the business climate in Georgia. In short, Chattooga County, with its governmental support on all levels, is the perfect place to grow your business.
Georgia Tax Structure/Incentives             Georgia offers multiple incentive programs to new businesses and industries. These include grants, bonds, loans, and tax abatement. Client needs are our number one priority, and we can work to ensure these programs are enacted to best suit your company’s specific requests. Support for your company is universal in Georgia as the state works to support you with federal, state, and local incentives. Georgia’s state corporate income tax is a flat 6.0% State and local tax credits and support from governmental agencies may be available to offset this tax. The State of Georgia and local partners are committed to helping you have the largest return on your investment. The State of Georgia provides a variety of other services to help your business including work with the Georgia Workforce Investment Board, vocational and college education programs, Georgia’s Quick Start business programs, and other incentives. As you can see, Chattooga County and its regional and statewide partners are committed to creating the most favorable business climate for your company.Doing Business in Georgia According to CNBC, Georgia is ranked 4th in the nation when it comes to a successful business climate. Truly, Georgia offers a favorable business climate, with competitive wages, taxes, incentives, and programs. Supported by the efforts of a pro-business local government, governor and state legislature, our already winning business climate has become even more favorable. When you begin working with Georgia, you are working with experienced business professionals who are ready to help your company achieve new levels of success. Georgia, home to top national companies like Coca-Cola, CNN, the Home Depot, and Delta Airlines, is the go-to state for corporate growth. The “Empire State of the South” is ready to help you achieve new levels of national and international success. Chattooga County’s business climate is second-to-none in Northwest Georgia. With a strong and vibrant manufacturing history with Mount Vernon Mills, Mohawk Industries, and other businesses, Chattooga County has proven results in all aspects of business growth. Partner that success with a ready and highly-skilled workforce and low costs and taxes, and we have a formula capable of major success for your company.Utilities It takes massive amounts of reliable energy to power Georgia industry. Knowing that, Georgia utilities consistently keep ahead of that demand. With energy availability an important concern of industry, the state can assure its existing and new business that they will have reliable service at great prices. Electric energy is critically important for any business, and Georgia is more than prepared to provide needed electricity. The major electric supplier in Chattooga County is Georgia Power Company (Southern Company). Georgia Power is prepared to provide your company with unparalleled electrical support. Georgia is also home to numerous electric power cooperatives and several municipal systems. The Tennessee Valley Authority also provides some electrical power to parts of Northwest Georgia. To support Georgia’s economic development efforts, electric suppliers offer incentive electricity pricing to new manufacturing industries and to existing manufacturing industries that make significant expansions in our state. We are all committed to the best working relationship possible. There are twelve certified natural gas marketers by the Georgia Public Service Commission. These marketers, partnered with countless private direct sales and municipal gas systems, provide your company will all of your natural gas needs. Georgia’s intricate natural gas and crude oil transmission pipelines provide every region in the state with natural gas. The State of Georgia has an abundance of drinking water. With the official end of the drought in the Southeastern United States this year, Georgia is more equipped than ever to service your water needs. Providing clean and safe water for business and industry is one of our utmost priorities. Wastewater permitting actions have been entrusted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division within Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources. This division, granted by the USA EPA, offers true one-stop environmental permitting to help in business start-up, while Chattooga County is ready to accommodate waste water needs.
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