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Quality of Life

The perfect location. Scenic valleys. Nice people. Festivals celebrating our rich heritage. Chattooga County, GA offers a quality of life second-to-none. Chattooga County and Northwest Georgia offer a variety of cultural, historical, sporting, and musical events. When living in Chattooga County, you are only a short drive away from the best that Georgia and the Southeast has to offer.

Housing and Living

Chattooga County offers you the option to live in residential neighborhoods, country estates, and mountain cabins at incredibly affordable prices. In fact, the average median housing cost in Chattooga County is $59,900. This unbelievably low price, particularly for Northwest Georgia, is lower than prices in the nearby counties of Dade, Walker, Floyd, Gordon, and Catoosa. Housing options range from modern homes in planned subdivisions to beautiful estates that occupy the hills and valleys of Chattooga County. In the Cloudland community, one can enjoy living on the brow of the mountain that overlooks the Chattooga Valley. Distinct mill homes built by Mount Vernon Mills in Trion offer a historic housing option. Farms and country homes are available in Lyerly, Menlo, Summerville, and throughout the unincorporated communities of Holland, Teloga, and other areas. If apartment living suits your residential style, these options are also readily available. These housing options, partnered with the area’s scenic beauty and mild weather year-around present opportunity for you and your family to enjoy outdoor activities during all seasons.

Cost of Living

Georgia’s lower cost of living is just one of the many reasons moving to our state makes sense for your company. The state that is or has been home to famous men and women like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., President Jimmy Carter, Ted Turner, Margaret Mitchell, and countless other Georgians opens its doors to your company, your leaders and your families. Chattooga County, the home of famous folk artist Howard Finster and world-renowned attorney Bobby Lee Cook, does the same. Georgia’s cost of living is below the national average and competitive with all states in the Southeast. Chattooga County’s cost of living is below state averages and provides your company with a great place to locate and do business.Low cost of living, just another way Chattooga County has the winning formula.

Education/HOPE Scholarship Program

A well-educated and trained workforce is key and an essential element to a successful business. The State of Georgia offers a variety of resources to ensure that our workforce is ready to meet every need of your company. Georgia’ intricate network of colleges and universities include some of the top public and private schools in the nation. Georgia Tech, US News and World Report’s 7th ranked public university, is a leader in engineering and science, while the University of Georgia, US News’ 20th ranked public university, is releasing some of the top research in the country. The graduate programs at a variety of Georgia schools, including those at 18th ranked Emory University, are ranked as some of the best in the nation. Georgia’s community college network is committed to continuing education for non-traditional students, and helping companies prepare and train their workers. With the support of the state government, Georgia’s institutions of higher learning are prepared to lead the way in educational instruction and research. One of the best education programs in the United States, Georgia’s “Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally” scholarship, or HOPE scholarship, is the prize of education in the state. The program, funded through the Georgia Lottery, provides scholarships for Georgia’s brightest students. These scholarships cover tuition and some fees at state public schools while providing grants and help to students at private schools in Georgia. Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship program is the envy of many states in the union. Since the scholarship’s inception under Governor Zell Miller (D-Young Harris) in 1993, over 900,000 Georgia students have been awarded over $3 billion in scholarship monies. This breakthrough scholarship program shows Georgia’s commitment to improving the lives of its citizens through education. This program would be available to the children of your workers and company leaders. Truly, Georgia education has the winning formula.

Recreation, Culture, and Music

Chattooga County’s natural beauty is the just the start to a wonderful vacation/business move in the nation’s fourth state. Chattooga County is known for its lively atmosphere, including countless arts and crafts shows, community activities, and organized recreation for the citizens and visitors of Chattooga County. Various local organizations collaborate the create projects and festivals throughout the year. A natural beauty, the county also is home to beautiful parks, valleys, ridges and landscapes. Regardless of season, there is always something to do in Chattooga County. Chattooga County is home to James H. “Sloppy” Floyd State Park. The park is nestled in theChattahoochee National Forest. “Sloppy” Floyd Park is home to two fully-stocked fishing lakes, paddleboats, cabin rentals, hiking trails, and a camping area. Outside of the state park, Chattooga County is a sportsman’s paradise with ample fishing, hunting, boating, and hiking opportunities. If golf is on the itinerary, the Trion Golf Club in north Chattooga County is available as a public course. Nearby Rome is home to many golf courses. North Georgia is literally covered in world class golfing opportunities. In fact, it takes less than a half-day’s drive to travel to Augusta, home to the famous Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Golf Tournament. If you are looking for a cultural excursion, Chattooga County offers world-class entertainment. Local theatre is available for the play enthusiast with Rome Little Theatre in Rome and plays in nearby Chattanooga, Tennessee. Atlanta provides the theatre community with the world-known Atlanta’s Fabulous Fox Theatre and the Tony-Award winning Alliance Theatre, birthplace of countless musicals. For cultural programs with a distinct Georgia flair, check out Chattooga County’s “Sum-Nelly” arts and crafts festival, Summerville’s “Down Home Farm Days”, “Steam into Summerville Railroad Days”, and other county programs. These programs provide citizens and visitors alike the opportunity to learn about our region’s history while enjoying the feel of Georgia’s countryside. Chattooga County is also home to the Northwest Georgia Balloon Festival in Menlo, and Summerville is a registered “Pickin’ in the Park” bluegrass music community. Chattooga County and neighboring communities are also committed to sharing the history of the Cherokee culture with countless festivals and programs. In fact, Chattooga County is widely thought to be birthplace of George Gist, otherwise known as Sequoyah, the creator of the Cherokee alphabet. Rome is home to the respected Chieftain’s Museum, while Cartersville is home to the Etowah Indian Mounds. Nearby Gordon County is home to New Echota, the Cherokee Nation’s capitol city before Indian Removal. The State of Georgia is also one of the nation’s leading states in sporting events. Chattooga County is home to year-round sporting events for all ages. High school sports take center stage throughout the year as a venue for the community’s children to grow and compete. Colleges and universities across Georgia compete in all levels of collegiate competition from NAIA to NCAA. Another major victory for Northwest Georgia came in 2009 as Rome was selected to host the NAIA national football championship.  Nearby Rome is also home to the Atlanta Braves’ Organization’s Class A affiliate Rome Braves minor league baseball team, while nearby Chattanooga is home to the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Class AA affiliate Chattanooga Lookouts minor league team. All major league sports can be found a short drive to Atlanta. Atlanta is home to the Atlanta Braves Major League Baseball (MLB) team, Atlanta Falcons National Football League (NFL) team, Atlanta Hawks National Basketball Association (NBA) team, Atlanta Dream Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) team, and the Atlanta Thrashers National Hockey League (NHL) team. As you can see, Georgia is the epicenter of sports in the Southeast. Chattooga County is also the center of folk art in the state. Howard Finster, widely considered by some leading art critics as the father of folk art, lived in Chattooga County. His “Paradise Gardens” museum, located in the Pennville community north of Summerville, is being renovated and prepared for public viewing. The folk art tradition can also be found at various festivals throughout the year. So whether you are looking to enjoy “America’s pastime” at the local baseball field or hiking in the beautiful mountains in the Chattahoochee National Forest, Chattooga County is prepared to host your active lifestyle. Come sit a spell with us, we promise you will not be disappointed.
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