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Be a SUPERhero!

It's time to complete your census by responding today. During this crisis, it's even more important that we each get counted. We also need to consider how we can respond in the safest way possible. By responding by phone, by mail or online, we ensure our safety and the safety of field operators. We can do this...are you with us? 844.330.2020

I count. You count. Every.One.Counts!

#2020Census #ChattoogaCounts...
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Leadership Chattooga 2019

Leadership Chattooga was in session with Heather Casey of LeadStrong 4:14 on Thursday, April 25th. They learned about building trust, and they also discussed the 15 Laws of Leadership. The class is made up of twelve individuals from a variety of workplaces around the county. They will continue to work monthly on the different aspects of leadership while getting to know their community through tours, activities, and class time. Graduation is set for December 17th at a special Chamber Luncheon. ...
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