Tracy Maddux

Magistrate Court
Title: Chief Magistrate
Phone: 706-857-0711
Tracy Maddux

About Tracy Maddux

Tracy L. Maddux is the Chief Magistrate for Chattooga County. As Chief Magistrate, he presides over the Magistrate Court. He assigns cases, sets court sessions, appoints other magistrates (with consent of superior court judges) and sets basic policy for the magistrate court. Chief Magistrate Maddux can also grant bail in cases where the setting of bail is not reserved to a judge of another court. Though Chief Magistrate Maddux does sit as presiding officer of the magistrate court, he cannot lead a jury trial. If a defendant submits a request for a jury trial, the case will be removed from the magistrate court and sent to superior or state court. Maddux's post is an elected one, and he must seek reelection every four years for his four-year term.

Magistrate Maddux is able to appoint people to assist him as deputy magistrates. Currently, Gary Woods and Douglas Jones are deputy magistrates.


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