Hearth Hospice

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Hearth Hospice
11638 HWY 27 Suite 6
Summerville, Georgia 30747

Telephone: 706.866.9854


About Us

Dr. Deanna Duncan, a national expert in hospice and palliative care, has been bringing highly-personalized care of the highest quality to patients and families in our area for over fifteen years. The newly emerging Hearth Hospice is expanding service levels for hospice care in the North Georgia and Tennessee Valley regions. Our mission is to deliver highly-personalized care of the highest quality to patients and families experiencing chronic and terminal illnesses.

Together, we are creating our vision of a hospice rooted in relationships. It is Dr. Duncan's belief that a hospice provider, owned and operated by a physician, can provide the most personalized, quality care. "The best organizational structure is one that puts the fewest obstacles between the patient and their providers."

Because it is physician owned and operated, Hearth's foundation is in medical expertise and our vision highlights the importance of relationships. Business considerations will always be secondary to our primary mission of exceptional patient care.

Patients and their families can be confident in the level of care we offer. Hearth's staff includes four board-certified physicians and experienced nurses, therapists, and social workers who have decades of combined experience in hospice care. Our extensive background gives each and every member of the Hearth family a full perspective on how to best offer comfort and dignity at all stages of chronic and terminal illness. Please call us today for more information.

Nurses and doctors are on call 24 hrs per day, 7 days per week.

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