Business Climate

The Chattooga County Advantage
Chattooga County offers a strong, supportive business climate, where the cost of doing business is low and many other tools are readily available to help your business grow and compete in a global market. Chattooga County offers companies substantial savings compared with many other parts of Georgia and the United States.
Economic incentive programs provide tax credits, sales tax exemptions, and other incentive payments for job creation, investment, retraining, and research. State and local governments are also prepared to work with infrastructure development including water, sewer, and roads. Georgia’s government is committed to flexible state incentives including tax exemptions and creating a strong working partnership. Together, state and local governments and your company can work to lower your cost of doing business.
Chattooga County, GA also offers access to Foreign Trade Zones. Georgia has foreign trade zones in the capital city of Atlanta, as well as on the Atlantic Coast at Savannah and Brunswick. Atlanta is an hour-and-a-half drive away, while Savannah and Brunswick are less than 400 miles away. Tennessee also offers a trade zone in Chattanooga, less than an hour’s drive from Chattooga County. Birmingham, Alabama, less than two hours away, also offers trade zones  including one in partnership with Alabama’s capital, Montgomery, available for your company.
A right-to-work state, Georgia’s union membership is approximately five percent. The workforce of Chattooga County, specifically, has low union rates and is ready for jobs in the manufacturing sector. Evidence of Chattooga County’s work in these areas includes the success of Mohawk Industries, Mount Vernon Mills, and various other manufacturing jobs.

Advantages of doing business in Chattooga County, Georgia include:

 Tax Credits and Tax Exemptions
As one of Georgia’s “Tier 1” tax credit counties, Chattooga County offers the highest tax incentives in the state. If your business can create five jobs that are sustained over a ten year period, you are eligible for a $4000 tax credit and support from the Joint Development Authority. More information regarding lucrative tax incentives and exemptions can be found at

Employee Training and Support
Georgia coordinates the state’s network of community and junior colleges for ongoing, highly-specialized training programs including Georgia’s “Quick Start” program. These programs are designed to meet the evolving needs of industry and business often at little or no cost to employers.Solid Infrastructure
Georgia is home to some of the nation’s best air, rail, road, port and intermodal construction. Chattooga County, GA has access to all possible means to get you or your product wherever it needs to go in this country or beyond. State, local, and private partnerships are providing continuous improvements of infrastructure in communities throughout the Northwest Georgia region and beyond. When necessary, these partnerships alongside state-level authorities can improve or extend public infrastructure such as roads, sewer, and water through numerous grant or loan programs.University Resources and Research
Georgia’s higher-education network is one of the best in the Southeast. In fact, Georgia has the nation’s fourth largest college network with thirty-five higher learning centers and one independent learning center. Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta is one of the best technical universities in the world and leads the education arena in the areas of engineering and science. The University of Georgia, the nation’s oldest state chartered university established in 1785, is one of the top universities in the nation with a strong liberal arts focus, graduate programs, and top-tier research in a variety of fields. Emory University in Atlanta is one of top private universities in the nation and leads the way in medical research. North Georgia College and State University continues to support Georgia’s military history, while Georgia Southern, Valdosta State University, Georgia College and State University, Georgia State University and a plethora of other colleges and universities provide unparalleled instruction and research opportunities. In nearby Rome, Shorter College and Berry College provide a strong liberal arts program of study. Rome’s Georgia Highlands College is part of Georgia’s network of community colleges. The State of Georgia’s commitment to higher education is also evident in that Georgia is home to some of the nation’s most prestigious historically African American institutions of higher learning including Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta, and Spelman College.

Government Support
With unrivaled support from the Governor’s office, Georgia’s state and local-level partners are working around the clock to improve the business climate in Georgia. In short, Chattooga County, with its governmental support on all levels, is the perfect place to grow your business.

Georgia Tax Structure/Incentives
            Georgia offers multiple incentive programs to new businesses and industries. These include grants, bonds, loans, and tax abatement. Client needs are our number one priority, and we can work to ensure these programs are enacted to best suit your company’s specific requests. Support for your company is universal in Georgia as the state works to support you with federal, state, and local incentives.
Georgia’s state corporate income tax is a flat 6.0% State and local tax credits and support from governmental agencies may be available to offset this tax. The State of Georgia and local partners are committed to helping you have the largest return on your investment.
The State of Georgia provides a variety of other services to help your business including work with the Georgia Workforce Investment Board, vocational and college education programs, Georgia’s Quick Start business programs, and other incentives. As you can see, Chattooga County and its regional and statewide partners are committed to creating the most favorable business climate for your company.Doing Business in Georgia
According to CNBC, Georgia is ranked 4th in the nation when it comes to a successful business climate. Truly, Georgia offers a favorable business climate, with competitive wages, taxes, incentives, and programs. Supported by the efforts of a pro-business local government, governor and state legislature, our already winning business climate has become even more favorable. When you begin working with Georgia, you are working with experienced business professionals who are ready to help your company achieve new levels of success. Georgia, home to top national companies like Coca-Cola, CNN, the Home Depot, and Delta Airlines, is the go-to state for corporate growth. The “Empire State of the South” is ready to help you achieve new levels of national and international success. Chattooga County’s business climate is second-to-none in Northwest Georgia. With a strong and vibrant manufacturing history with Mount Vernon Mills, Mohawk Industries, and other businesses, Chattooga County has proven results in all aspects of business growth. Partner that success with a ready and highly-skilled workforce and low costs and taxes, and we have a formula capable of major success for your company.Utilities
It takes massive amounts of reliable energy to power Georgia industry. Knowing that, Georgia utilities consistently keep ahead of that demand. With energy availability an important concern of industry, the state can assure its existing and new business that they will have reliable service at great prices.
Electric energy is critically important for any business, and Georgia is more than prepared to provide needed electricity. The major electric supplier in Chattooga County is Georgia Power Company (Southern Company). Georgia Power is prepared to provide your company with unparalleled electrical support. Georgia is also home to numerous electric power cooperatives and several municipal systems. The Tennessee Valley Authority also provides some electrical power to parts of Northwest Georgia. To support Georgia’s economic development efforts, electric suppliers offer incentive electricity pricing to new manufacturing industries and to existing manufacturing industries that make significant expansions in our state. We are all committed to the best working relationship possible.
There are twelve certified natural gas marketers by the Georgia Public Service Commission. These marketers, partnered with countless private direct sales and municipal gas systems, provide your company will all of your natural gas needs. Georgia’s intricate natural gas and crude oil transmission pipelines provide every region in the state with natural gas.
The State of Georgia has an abundance of drinking water. With the official end of the drought in the Southeastern United States this year, Georgia is more equipped than ever to service your water needs. Providing clean and safe water for business and industry is one of our utmost priorities.
Wastewater permitting actions have been entrusted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division within Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources. This division, granted by the USA EPA, offers true one-stop environmental permitting to help in business start-up, while Chattooga County is ready to accommodate waste water needs.

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