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Judge Samuel Finster, State Court

What is a State Court?

The state court was established in 1970 by a legislative act that designated certain existing courts in Georgia’s counties that had limited jurisdiction as state courts. State courts have jurisdiction over misdemeanor violations, including traffic cases and civil action cases with no limited amount claimed, unless the superior court has exclusive jurisdiction. As a court, the state court is part of Georgia’s Judicial Branch.

Meet your State Court Judge
       Samuel Finster is Chattooga County’s State Court Judge. Finster has served as State Court Judge before, as he was appointed by Governor Sonny Perdue before losing election in 2006. Governor Perdue reappointed Judge Finster after an opening in the court in 2009.
Judge Finster has practiced law in Chattooga County for many years, and has his own practice in Summerville. As State Court Judge, he is able to keep his own law practice as well. Judge Finster’s job allows him to hold hearings on applications for issuance of arrest or search warrants and to hold preliminary hearings. Under Georgia’s Constitution, the state court can review lower courts’ decisions as provided by state statute.
State Court Judges hold elected post. Every four years they are elected in nonpartisan races. Therefore, state court judges are not officially a part of any political party or entity.

Contact Information

State Court Judge

Office of State Court Judge
Courthouse Annex, 120 Cox St.,
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Phone: 706-857-0661

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