Office of the Probate

 Judge Jon Payne, Probate Judge

What is a Probate Court?

A probate court is part of the State of Georgia’s Judicial Branch. The branch includes the Georgia Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, State Superior Courts, Magistrate Courts, Juvenile Courts, and Probate Courts. Formerly known as Courts of the Ordinary, the Probate Court is a specialized court. It specifically focuses on probate and matters of estate.

Judge of Probate Court
Jon Payne serves Chattooga County as Judge of the Probate Court. Judge Payne was elected in 1975 at age 26 to serve as Probate Judge. He has served continuously in that post. Probate Courts are specialized courts that deal with issues of probate and administration of estates. Judge Payne’s office oversees proper distribution of assets for the deceased and can also deal with conservatorships, guardianships, name changes, marriages, and adoptions. Judge Payne’s Office is located on Commerce Street.

Board of Elections
Judge Payne also serves as Elections Superintendent for Chattooga County. As Superintendent, Mr. Payne makes sure that all precincts are equipped and staffed for local, state, and federal level elections. He also makes sure all Chattooga County results are posted, verified, and sent to the Secretary of State’s Office in Atlanta. Please do not hesitate to call his office for questions regarding precincts, qualifying for office, ballot information, voting registration, absentee ballots, and other election information. His office on Commerce Street can also help you with early voting information.

Magistrate Court
Jon Payne also serves as a Deputy Magistrate under Chief Magistrate Tracy L. Maddux. For more information regarding the Magistrate Court please see the Magistrate Court’s page.


Contact info

Office of the Probate Judge/Election Superintendent
10035 Commerce Street
Post Office Box 467
Summerville, GA 30747
Telephone: 706-857-0709
Fax: 706-857-0877

Office Hours:
M-F 8:30-5:00 excluding holidays